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Is scaleable as your network grows and interconnects. Operates in both switched and non-switched environments. Has the same implementation cost point as upgrading to a CSMA/CD-dependent Gigabit Ethernet network. Does not suffer bandwidth loss over distance as network speeds increase. (See charts A and B.) Gives network designers and administrators more flexibility and simplicity (no data collisions to detect or manage). Offers built-in network management and diagnostics tools. Supports RSVP and QoS capabilities in the following ways: o Fixed data latency for near-real-time transactions o Encryption for secure e-commerce o Low-latency-mode data transmission o Dynamic bandwidth assignment o Variable frame sizes o Simple circuit-switching o Broadcast-quality multimedia transmission.


There is no better way to sell a product than to demonstrate it. Therefore, Sync Access offers a reference design kit (RDK) in its primary product line. The RDK demonstrates semiconductor-level solutions that will familiarize you and your clients with the patented, synchronous medium access control protocol. The RDK features PCI plug-in boards that can be configured to communicate from 155 Mbps to 1.2 Gbps in a variety of network configurations. Network engineers and researchers can select Category 5 unshielded twisted-pair or fiber optic interfaces for OSI physical layer (PHY) data transport. Additionally, the RDK features state-of-the-art cabling layouts using passive optical couplers, demonstrable internetworking, and a user-friendly network monitor and control interface. For more information, visit the SyncAccess Product Page at:

Who We Are, and Why We Are

We at SyncAccess are active and innovative leaders in the communications and data- networking industries. Within these industries, we provide advanced communication solutions – independent of transmission media – that incorporate our unique, patented technologies.
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