SMAC May 1999 Durkin - 10

Our digital-based solutions can greatly expand bandwidth, flexibility, and capabilities on intranets, the Internet – and the Next Generation Internet – by migrating public and private networking systems from imminent obsolescence to world-class preeminence. It is our goal to offer these superior solutions as open intellectual property licenses – both as silicon-level components – and in concert with SyncAccess’s expert design services and total customer support. In addition to our flagship product SMAC, we are developing two supporting patents that will integrate the next generation SMAC protocol with state-of-the-art data cryptography and advanced error-correction components.

On Target

We are targeting our products at original equipment manufacturers that supply these three fast-growing market segments: The worldwide public network infrastructure for data and voice communications; The Internet and Next Generation infrastructure that supports the World Wide Web; and Corporate, government and academic wide-area-networks. We will service the increasing demand for improvements in the global communications infrastructure. More specifically, we will support the need for greater capacity and improved performance in transmitting near-real-time voice, video, and data. At the software level, SyncAccess will be heavily involved in the design and integration of new network equipment with public networks used by local and long distance telecommunications service providers. Additionally, we will be involved in programming the new specialized networks used by Internet service providers and virtual private networks (VPNs). At the hardware level, we will use our experience and expertise in working with multiple transmission media – including the latest fiber optics. We specialize in SONET/SDH and ATM products. The complexity of these new networks requires advanced semiconductor devices that will allow network equipment manufacturers design and develop their products faster and at a lower cost. That's why we are working with Altera Corp., a leader in the manufacture of PCI boards and programmable logic devices. Industry standards for products and protocols are continually evolving. Our future success depends on our ability to grow with these emerging standards. The SMAC protocol is proof positive that SyncAccess can not only keep up, but we can lead the way. # # #
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