SMAC™ the Dominant Paradigm!

The supreme irony of the Ethernet is that the very protocol – CSMA/CD (carrier sense multiple access with collision detection) – that makes Ethernets the most popular networking product in the world is the very same reason Gigabit Ethernets will never reach their full potential. SMAC™ – Synchronous Medium Access Control – from SyncAccess Inc. is the next generation protocol for 21st Century Gigabit Ethernets. SMAC technology doesn't solve the packet-collision management problems of CSMA/CD. It eliminates them. The SMAC protocol moves video, audio, and real-time data at guaranteed maximum throughput in "collision-less" RSVP and QoS environments. SMAC technology enables your installed-base Ethernet to perform seamlessly, transparently, and effortlessly with legacy databases and competitive new technologies such as ATM, SONET, and ADSL – at the same cost point. CSMA/CD is the history of the Ethernet. SMAC is the future of the Gigabit Ethernet.
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