SMAC™ – Applied as a New Gigabit Ethernet Protocol

A White Paper from SyncAccess Inc. by Tom Durkin


The Ethernet CSMA/CD protocol has served 10 Mbps and 100 Mbps network users for several years and will continue to do so. But when advanced gigabit networks begin to apply CSMA/CD, severe system limitations become apparent. These limitations include a maximum hub diameter of 200m, poor (30 percent) transmission efficiency, and uncontrollable data latency. Surprisingly, these limitations are not due to the high- speed transmission rate or the transmission media, but to the actual CSMA/CD protocol itself. This paper explains why CSMA/CD cannot function at gigabit speeds. It further introduces a patented, alternative protocol: SMAC™ (synchronous medium access control). The SMAC protocol operates at near 100-percent efficiency at any speed. SMAC technology is fully compatible with CSMA/CD; it can be retrofitted with legacy networks and has a cost point comparable to Gigabit Ethernets.
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