Tom Durkin multimedia writer-editor-photographer
Nothing is more inspirational than a deadline.
From screenplays to technical white papers, general news reporting to deep legislative-legal analysis, op-eds to feature articles, press releases to personality profiles, copy writing to copy editing, ghostwriting to my latest resume, my career has been a peripatetic journey through many genres, media and styles.

I was already an internationally published author when I met Tom, but I am better writer now

than before because of his input. - Joseph Harrington, Eye of Evil (St. Martin’s Press), Profiles in Murder

(Dell), Justice Denied (Plenum), Death of an Angel (Quantum), An Execution’s Odyssey (Pegasus Books)

Over the many years, with occasional day-job excursions into social work and manual labor, I’ve discovered that I can write (or edit) pretty much anything you need - even if I’ve never done it before. Some of the best writing I’ve done has been from cold assignments on subjects I didn’t know anything about. Some of my other best writings have been the culmination of years of deep research and primary source investigative reporting. As for editing, I can help you with your fiction or non-fiction work - and guarantee it will be presented in compelling, professional English.

Tom is a wonderful editor and loves to seek out the human interest element even in the most

technical stories. He gives terrific feedback and excels at follow-up and project

management. - Charmaine Cooper Hussain, Editor/Writer and AP Style Trainer for Communicators

Just for street creds, I was almost kicked out of high school for writing for an underground newspaper in Salina, Kansas - but I managed to graduate with honors from UCLA with a BA in Psychology and and MFA in TV/Film. And later on, I put in another three semesters of postgraduate studies in creative writing, computer science, and tennis at Sonoma State University before I ran out of scholarship money.

Tom was so instrumental in presenting our new nonprofit organization to our community. He

created and maintained a print, video and online timeline of our accomplishments and

progress. He was generous and selfless in offering his expertise to help us in one of our most

challenging periods. – Donna Raibley, founder and executive director (ret.), One Source – Empowering Caregivers

Over this long strange trip, I’ve worked at or for such companies as The Burbank Studios, MGM, Paramount Pictures, KXTV, Raytheon, Sacramento Business Journal, The Bureau of National Affairs, Xilinx Inc., Innovative Integration, Gold Country Media, Swift Communications, and Invisible People, among many others.

Tom is a journalist very dedicated to his craft. He treats his subjects with utmost respect, and

works tirelessly to give a balanced account to his readers. He is the writer you would want by

your side covering any story. - Akim Aginsky, photojournalist, Fifthframe Photography

While there is a certain romance to the term “freelance writer,” it doesn’t mean I work for free. I’m happy to consult with you for free, but a deposit is always required for work to begin. What I charge depends entirely on the gig. I offer highly competitive market rates. Maybe you can get it cheaper, but you can’t get it better. I don’t do quick and dirty work, because good enough isn’t.
About the cat: The Cheshire Cat is my spirit guide. The original artwork is stained glass made for me by Jane Roth Costanzo, a talented artist and the mother of our son. Whenever I see the sliver of the new or fading moon (the cat’s teeth in Disney’s Alice in Wonderland), I am reminded to lighten up and not take things so seriously, especially myself.
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Tom Durkin
multimedia writer-editor-photographer
About this website: Yes, this is a homemade website. It’s a work in progress. So, yeah, it’s a little funky, but I’m not selling my web design skills. I’m selling excellent content. Besides, being different is my specialty.