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Homeless but not helpless

You have to be crazy to be a writer. Fortunately, I’m well-qualified. When you’re a freelance writer, single, and mentally disordered, homelessness is an occupational hazard. Coincidentally (or maybe not), I recently wandered into a paid gig writing for about my “lived experience” as a bipolar, chronically homeless person - and staff monitor in a homeless shelter. InvisiblePeople is a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to disrupting the destructive stereotypes of homeless people. The stories and rants I’m writing are designed to show that homelessness is way more widespread than just the lost souls - the Invisible People - you pretend you don’t see on the streets. We walk among you. We’re the hidden homeless people you see every day. We have jobs, families community commitments - and we’re homeless, but we keep that part secret. We live illegally in tents, cars, yurts, garages,outbuildings, trailers and RVs … because there is no damn affordable housing. Below are links to the stories I’m writing for Invisible People. I will add links as stories are published.

June 2019

My Secret Life of Homelessness

Part one, Wake-up Call - June 9, 2019 Part two, We Walk Among You - June 15, 2019 Part three, Hot Shower, Cold Beer - June, 22, 2019

July 2019

Atheist in the Foxhole - July 6, 2019 (The title is different on the site.) Rising from the Ashes Part one, My Fall into Homelessness - July 13,2019 Part two,Technically Homeless - July 20, 2019 Part three, You Don’t Have to Live Like a Refugee - July 28, 2019

August 2019

Homeless with Gratitude Part one, Saved by Sophia - August 3, 2019 Part two, Coming Out As Homeless - August 10, 2019 Part three, On the Trail of a Trailer - August 17, 2019 Part four, Attitude Adjustment - August 24, 2019 Part five, Home Sweet Homeless Home - August 30, 2019

September 2019

Trailers Are Viable Alternative to Affordable Housing - September 7, 2019 The Stigma Blues: Homelessness and Mentally Illness - September 21,2019

December 2019

Shelter Experience Leaves Lasting Memories - December 12, 2019

Homeless ... will work for food

You'll do anything that you gotta do when you're homeless

- Guy Clark.

Tom Durkin
multimedia writer-editor-photographer