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We, as filmmakers, are privileged. We can make people cry or laugh. We can make them think and feel. It is a great privilege and a great responsibility.
Our Town - This footage shot by an intrepid colleague during a white supremacist riot against peaceful Black Lives Matter marchers gave me an opportunity make a political statement about Donald Trump’s violent supporters.
The Promise - Shot in one clean, unrehearsed take with a static camera, this recruitment spot was dramatically enhanced in editing with a digital zoom effect.
Donna and Harriet Make a PSA - A fun look inside the making of a public service announcement.
It Takes a Village - This a serious attempt to make a professional documentary with no budget, no crew and inadequate gear. Because I made it for a struggling nonprofit, we didn’t want it to look too expensive or slick anyway. Mission accomplished. This video was designed to be a recruitment & training film that could be shown in its entirety or in modular segments.
No Place to Go Video Project - These short-attention-span videos are part of an ongoing and evolving attempt to humanize homeless people and the people who care about them. Entirely unfunded and unsponsored, I’m just doing this because that’s what it seems I’m supposed to be doing.
Harry Harpoon and the Lost Party Tapes - This Alan Lomax-style footage of a down-home BBQ in the 1980s with real-life troubadour Harry Harpoon served as the training ground to teach myself various digital-editing tricks and techniques. Just for fun.
Although I have a dual-major MFA from UCLA in screenwriting and TV/Film production, I left the industry in 1979 to pursue a career in print journalism and other forms of literary endeavor. Much of my early work is lost to time, technology and just … lost. Can’t prove I was nominated for a regional Emmy or won assorted awards from the Sacramento Advertising Club. Oh well. Many tears, years and fears from here.. Nonetheless, my desire and training to tell stories in pictures and sounds has kept me on the fringes. I seem to be returning to my roots. Here is a sampling of what I’ve done in recent years.

- Haskell Wexler, “Medium Cool”

Tom Durkin multimedia writer-editor-photographer
- Kris Kristofferson Blah blah blog. Does anybody read these things?
Conventional wisdom says I should have a blog, but that doesn’t mean I have to be conventional. When I have something to say, I’ll say it. I promise to keep these entries short and to a really sharp point. I won’t waste your time. Mortal Coil Shuffle - how we die Why I hate “the homeless” - it’s not what you think Choose your groove - a commencement curse Give us shelter - the myth of affordable housing We Need ADUs Not Excuses - government inaction The Myth of the Accidental Overdose - the real victims of the opioid crisis Lived Experience - Invisible People: These are stories published by InvisiblePeople.tv, a national, homeless advocacy website. We are changing the face of homelessness. One Minute to Deadline - or, Close Encounter with a Porcupine Write to Be Read - be easy to read, look easy to read Forgive Me Not - some things are unforgiveable
Tom Durkin
multimedia writer-editor-photographer